Aquarian Valley, CA Felix Wong

Here are some photos from rock climbing at Aquarian Valley. It was a good day, although the rock was quite mossy. Still a fun time with some climber chicks!

Edit 9 years later (2010): The photos here are remarkable considering that Charis, Tori and I all lived in the San Francisco Bay Area at the time and never even heard of Fort Collins, Colorado. Now a decade later, the three of us now live 1100 miles away from San Francisco in the Fort Collins!

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Climber chicks getting ready to rapel off the face of Aquarian Valley!  Here's Karin, Charis, and Tori. Charis belaying in the foreground and Tori belaying in the background. Here's George belaying his buddy up a 5.10.  I can't tell who it is from this view!

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