Racoon Creek State Park, PA Felix Wong

Added photos from Racoon Creek State Park (30-miles west of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania), which I spent an afternoon hiking in during Thanksgiving week.

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On a brisk day in Pennsylvania 30 miles west of Pittsburgh, my sporty Dodge Neon rental car and I reach Racoon Creek State Park. That's me overlooking the lake. To the right is the longest trail I encountered at the park, maybe about 100 feet long. :/  This park, apparently, is more for the fishermen, not hikers!

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2 comments on “Racoon Creek State Park, PA

  1. Comment by Jeff Janci

    There are over 44 miles of rugged and hilly trails in Racoon Creek State Park. I myself have logged 65 miles over the last two weeks, hiking a different trail every time. These are some of the oldest and best trails you’ll find in western PA. The habitats these trails enter are pristine and teeming with rarely seen life. You should have downloaded a map (they’re free).

    May I recommend the western end of heritage trail. Hard to get to, but the scenery is tremendous.

  2. Comment by Felix

    Thanks, Jeff. Clearly, I should I have researched the trails before heading over there one day in 2001 while I was visiting southwestern PA! Good to see there are plenty of hiking trails over there.

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