Goldie Gets Back on the Road Felix Wong

Today I drove Goldie—my 1969 MGB—to work. Yes, she runs again! Below is an e-mail excerpt marking the occasion.

Last night on my birthday I got Goldie running (don’t know if I mentioned it, but in April 2001 the engine blew, so in my free time this year I pulled the engine, got it rebuilt, then put it back in myself and finished last night). Then I drove her on the streets of Fremont for the first time in 14 months. What a b’day present!

A few days later I’d have a more traditional birthday celebration, including a joint birthday party with Tori attended by wonderful friends. (Click here for Adam’s photos and write-up of that.) But getting my favorite sports car back on the road after she had been dormant for over a year was a great way to spend my real birthday…

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