Mini-Golf with Carolyn Felix Wong

Mini-golf at Karts-N-Golf in Fremont with Carolyn.

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Carolyn always enjoys beating me in mini-golf despite my clearly superior putting skills (haha).  Here she is with a monster tree. Tiger Woods, here I come.  Felix Wong and his clearly superior putting skills (haha again). For some reason I had problems hitting the toilet seat.  (with Carolyn laughing at me in the background) No way! I exclaimed as Carolyn made the hole-in-one "Free Winner Game".  This made me reminisce about the first time we met in Pittsburgh 6 years ago when I did the same thing! Carolyn's free game-winning ticket.  I guess I'll save it for you girl. Carolyn and Goldie, who shuttled us around the bay that entire weekend while the Alfa had its driveshaft out awaiting new U-joints.

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