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State College is a university town in the mountains approximately 125 miles east of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Impressions are coming sometime this year, once I sit down and write a report. (Later edit: I never did this.) Here are photos.

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Downtown State College was very clean and full of youthful energy due to the students at Penn State.Another view of downtown along a sidestreet off of College Ave.Penn State University was celebrating its 150th year this year.  I had a picnic on the grass and many students in T-shirts and shorts were studying here too.Lots of newer homes had been built just 4 miles away from downtown with a view of the mountains.The countrysides were very green with an occasional barn or two.5 miles out was a fairly long hill of 11% grade up to Rothrock State Park.The view from Rothrock State Park.I couldn't help but think if I lived here, I'd become a super good climber since hills are everywhere!  Indeed, this cyclist seemed to be getting a good workout going up the 11% grade.On the west side of town were older homes.  Every home I passed by in State College was well-kept.  The entire town seemed exceptionally clean and I could believe the statistics showing that crime here is virtually nonexistent.This photo was taken not far from the airport.  Oh, what great roads these would be for a sports car, motorcycle or a road bike!Later on in the evening I went to have dinner with Kat and Guy in Pittsburgh.  We went to the Thai restaurant that was the first place I ate at in Pittsburgh during my first visit of '

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