Taos, NM Felix Wong

I wish I had more time to spend in Toas. After all, maybe I’d have run into Julia Roberts—she has a home here! In any case, I got to do a little cycling in this town that is, well, not exactly designed for cycling. At least not within the city itself. There are mountains surrounding the town and the Indian reservation nearby, and a ski resort to the northeast. I thought Taos was nice, with an eclectic mix of shops and lots of interesting adobe structures, though sadly not even Taos was spared from northern New Mexicans’ trash and litter.

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The approach from Colorado about 100 miles west of Taos featured rock formations, trees of stunted growth and lots of scrub. Sunset over the New Mexico scenery. The mountains west of Taos as viewed from east of town. My Cannondale and a wagon. Mountains north of town.  There is skiing up there in the winter. Adjacent to Taos is Taos Pueblo, an Indian reservation.  This is a gravesite there. Taos was not a bad place, but there were so many pockets of junk!  Witness this building... Guardrail in a residential neighborhood with graffiti... Jalopy... Some of the homes were nice, though, if you like adobe. The roads at least in town were not really designed for cycling, however. Felix Wong still managed to stay alive nevertheless. Adobe donut shop... Adobe bank with some nifty adobe igloos... Even carports were made of adobe! An Asian Bistro made of, you guessed it, _____. The mountains to the east of town. Further east of Taos were some rather lush areas.

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  1. Comment by bill

    They aren’t igloos outside the bank They’re copies of ornos or bread ovens traditionslly used by the pueblo natives.

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