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Yesterday was a long travel day, including waking up at 5:00am, waving down a taxi to the main bus terminal in Panama City, taking a one-hour (but only $0.25) bus to the Tocumen International Airport, taking turbulence-ridden flight #1 to Houston and frantically running through customs, taking turbulence-ridden flight #2 to Denver, a shuttle to Fort Collins, and finally, another shuttle to my doorstep at home at 8:00pm. Phew!

As much as I enjoyed Panama—particularly, Boquete and the Chiriquí province where we spent most of our time—I am glad to be back in the Rocky Mountain state with clean air and peace and quiet after the last couple of days in Panama City. Now I can finally sit down and post all the Panama recaps and photos I’ve been meaning to.

The articles are complete now. You can find them in the category Panama, or see this Panama itinerary.

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