Being Chased by Cows and Other Happenings Felix Wong

The morning after returning from the St. George Marathon, I met up with Alyssa, who was doing some running of her own. She was actually running away from some cows in the Bulls 5k, and mostly succeeded!

Afterwards, we went to the Farmers Market, and then met up for Stacey‘s 40th birthday party, which consisted of rock climbing and stomach-satisfying Thai food. Also, you can read Alyssa’s report.

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The first runner was so far ahead that he cruised into the finish behind this cyclist. This cow finished in twenty minutes! Another fast cow. Baby pushing his stroller. Alyssa with her cowbell finishing medal. Humungous bell peppers at the Palo Alto Farmers Market. Dude juggling organic eggs.  Motto: "Happy chickens = happy eggs!"

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