Another Try Felix Wong

There were many reasons for me to visit southeastern Canada, including taking French classes, seeing where my father grew up, and visiting relatives I haven’t seen in 23 years. Here’s another reason: to attempt to run 100 miles, again!

My last attempt ended after 100 kilometers in the Boulder 100 last October. This time, I intend to go the full distance in the Sulphur Springs 100 in Ancaster, Ontario this Saturday, starting at 6:00am. In fact, there will be 47 of us attempting to do so. Here is the full race roster.

I am gladly accepting positive thoughts, well wishes, prayers, and luck; I think I’ll need them all. Although I intend to be a little smarter in this race than the last one.

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2 comments on “Another Try

  1. Comment by Nick

    Salut Felix,

    Alors, bonne chance demain! Second time’s a charm, or something like that. I’ll be checking in from time to time to track your progress.

    You missed a pretty wild day yesterday. The southeastern section of Windsor was essentially blown off the map. Fort Collins survived pretty much unscathed, phew!

    A bientôt,


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