Tour Divide: Day 13 Felix Wong

Ride time: 8:15am-8:30pm ( hours)
Miles ridden: 126 on-course + 1 off-course = 127
Total on-course miles covered: 1259

MTBCast Call-in

Felix Wong Leaving Pinedale WY

Submitted by sherry on June 25, 2008 – 2:27pm
Racer update about: Felix Wong

Hi, this is Felix Wong calling in at 11:30am on Wednesday, June 25th from Pinedale, WY. Yesterday, I went up Union Pass and I thought I climbed it pretty well but afterwards I was just utterly exhausted. Probably the most tired I’ve been during the entire race. I did press on until 11pm. Camped at a campsite in Bridger National Forest. Had a good nights sleep.

Woke up late today. Started at 8:25am. Feeling good and moving pretty well but because of my late start I’m gonna have to get going. I’ll talk to you later. Bye.
(recorder time: 2008-06-25 12:36:52 EST)

From the Notebook

  • Fast: pavement, net downhill until roller coasters.
  • Good weather; only rained for three minutes.
  • Deer prancing along meadows with hills, cows.
  • Reached Miner’s Delight Inn @ 8:30pm in Atlantic City. No drop-ins were allowed, but after talking with Barbara & Bob (the owners), they let me stay. They had a soft spot for cyclists and just preferred not to have to accommodate hippies and vagrants like the Rainbows.
  • Called the Mercantile to ask them to stay open for my arrival. It was located just one mile away but normally closed at 9:00p (?).
  • Had a chicken filet sandwich, fries, and potato salad.
  • Met Andrew (and Chit) who were going northbound along the Continental Divide (GD MTB route?) on motorcycles. They gave me beta about snow. They met Don and Chris, the guys I met on Lava Mountain in Montana on BMW & Suzuki dual-sport bikes.
  • Met a guy from the UK who cycled from Liverpool to Tibet. He was hiking the Great Divide Trail.
  • Bob & Barbara met Colby and Angie (from Boulder, CO whom I met at Flagg Ranch a couple days earlier). They stayed at the MIner’s Delight Inn.
  • Fixed my LED lights inside the room using string. The LED light’s bracket had broken and the lights would sometimes fly off.

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