To Shave Or Not To Shave Felix Wong

Apparently, this is what happens when I don’t shave for four days—like during many periods of the Tour Divide mountain bike race.

I go from how I am depicted in the main photo, to this:

[Note: after I took the last photo in the bathroom of a Subway sandwich shop in Grants, NM, I decided to shave immediately so as to not scare off the Subway server before she could make me a sandwich!]

I think I will keep shaving.

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5 comments on “To Shave Or Not To Shave

  1. Comment by Adam

    Not quite the full look as you, but after returning from a 6-day backpacking trip a few years back, I was looking rather mountain-man-like!

  2. Comment by John T

    Oh PLEASE keep shaving! The homeless/mountain man look is definitely NOT good for you. heheheheh 😉

  3. Comment by julie

    Aww… it’s not so bad! Considering the arduous nature of your adventure, you look pretty dang good!

  4. Comment by Ann

    Felix, Your photos were amazing. You can look like two totally different people.

    Thats all folks have a good day.

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