Tour Divide Mileage Log Felix Wong

Here’s a spreadsheet summarizing my progress during the 2008 Tour Divide mountain bike race, including miles and hours ridden per day, along with where I started and stopped.

As you can see from the spreadsheet, on a typical day I’d start riding at 6:36 am and stop riding at 9:13 pm—for a ride time of about 14.6 hours/day. On average, I rode 99 miles/day (96 on-course + 3 off-course, the latter due to getting lost or having to re-supply).

Since the embedded frame below is kind of small, you can also view the same spreadsheet in a new window if you’d like.

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  1. Comment by Mary Collier

    It’s cool to see it laid out like that. I’m working on something similar for myself, only not so “engineer-like.” Wasn’t Lincoln where you had to stay the night and pick up your package though? It’s crazy to see where we stayed at the same places only a few nights apart. I was just thinking last night that I got to stay in more cool places than everyone except Stephen – since we dragged it out for so long! 🙂

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