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In early December there was a week when I was repeatedly reading about the famed Discovery TV show Mythbusters in the news. First, there was the “tragedy” where one of its experimental cantaloupe-sized cannonballs overshot its target and went through a suburban house and then a minivan, just about a mile from Tori’s old home. Then I read in the Coloradoan that the Mythbusters crew was going on tour, including a stop at the Budweiser Events Center in Loveland.

Out-of-control projectiles shot from homemade contraptions must not scare me that much because then I purchased two tickets for the Loveland show: one for myself and another for Kelly. I wouldn’t have to drag her out kicking and screaming like I do in some Tortoise & Hare races, for example. This is because she is a bona fide science geek, er, buff.

This was the itinerary of the show:

  • A boy hitting a carnival high striker harder than a man three times his size by virtual of being given a much longer hammer.
  • Adam sitting on a bed of nails.
  • A woman and man pedaling a bicycle water pump contraption, with the victor getting water to pump out onto the head of the opponent.
  • Adam being hoisted up in air hanging onto to two interleaved phone books that were held together by clamping force/friction.
  • Jamie shooting an arrow at Adam.
  • An audience member wearing a suit of armor and being shot at by a paint ball gun.
  • Question and answer sessions with Adam and Jamie.
  • An on-stage explosion as the finale.

Below are some videos I took at the event. This was the paintball gun versus suit-of-armor demonstration:

And this was the explosion:

The show was less educational than I expected, but extremely entertaining. “Adam and Jamie have the coolest job in the world,” I enthused at one point.

No one got hurt and no buildings were destroyed. Kelly and I also managed to not get hit by any errant cannonballs.

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The start of the Behind the Myths Tour with Mythbusters Adam and Jamie.A woman and a man on a bicycle water pump challenge.Adam hanging from a telephone book.Adam and Jamie getting tied up.Jamie shooting an arrow at Adam.Adam answering some questions.An audience member after putting on a suit of armor.The audience member in a suit of armor getting shot at with a paintball gun.The suit of armor guy survives the paintball ambush!

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