Posts about Bike Projects

05.16.17 Why I Upgraded to 2x10 speed and Not 2x11 or 1x11
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04.17.14 Tubeless Road Tires
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09.02.10 Canny Goes on a Diet
01.08.07 Emergency ID
12.18.06 Air Free Tires
10.05.06 Ultimate Commuter Bike 1.0
09.15.06 Ultimate Commuter Bike 2.0
08.29.06 Waxed Bicycle Chains
05.17.06 Lubricating Speedplay Pedals
10.24.02 Bicycle Map Holders
09.30.02 Shimano Cassette/Campy 9sp
09.08.02 Removing a Stuck Seatpost
02.24.00 Homebuilt Recumbents: The Building of Reynolds Wishbone #35
11.03.99 Reynolds Recumbent Log
08.08.98 Removing a Stuck Crank
03.15.96 MGB Bike Rack