Randonnées and brevets are a natural fit for me because they are inexpensive, timed events that stress self-sufficiency. They epitomize adventure and rugged individualism at their best.

Posts about Randonnées & Brevets

09.17.16 Stove Prairie 200km Brevet
05.16.15 Rustic 400km Brevet
04.25.15 Rawhide Ramble 200km Brevet
05.10.14 Black Forest 300km Brevet
04.26.14 Rawhide Ramble 200km Brevet, CO
12.02.12 Paris-Brest-Paris Presentation
08.11.11 Boston-Montreal-Boston 1200km
06.26.11 St. Vrain 600km Brevet, CO
05.25.11 St. Vrain 400km Brevet, CO
05.08.11 Cripple Creek 300km Brevet, CO
04.23.11 Falcon-Limon-Kiowa 200km Brevet, CO
08.14.10 Peak-to-Peak 300km Brevet
06.18.07 Qualified for PBP Again, But...
06.16.07 Devil's Gulch 600km Brevet, CO
06.02.07 Lefthand 400km Brevet, CO
05.19.07 Black Forest 300km Brevet, CO
04.22.07 Badlands 200km Brevet, SD
08.18.03 Paris-Brest-Paris 1200km
07.12.03 Seattle-to-Portland Classic
05.01.03 Davis 600km Brevet, CA
04.19.03 Davis 400km Brevet, CA
03.22.03 Davis 300km Brevet, CA
03.01.03 Davis 200km Brevet, CA
02.20.99 Davis 200km Brevet, CA