Climbing a mountain is one of the most often-used metaphors in literature, but for good reason — it’s a good metaphor for life. There’s a goal, challenge, and (hopefully) victory — and of course, the view from the top.


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07.02.17 Albert Mountain, NC
05.26.16 A Backpacking Trip in the Black Hills of SD (Black Elk Wilderness)
09.04.13 Tent Pole Shockcord Repair
04.18.08 Mt. Battie, ME
01.15.08 Smith Rock, OR
08.27.07 Yoho National Park, BC
03.04.07 Volcán Barú, Panamá
11.21.01 Racoon Creek State Park, PA
04.16.01 Ohiopyle State Park, PA
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