Date: January 01, 1970 (Thu)

Inside the SUV limo during Aaron's b-day night.  Yes all 17 of us fit!Aaron and all of our dates, looking like a stud.After dinner at Shanghai 1930 and hitting a Salsa Club, we stopped by a karaoke bar where I ran into a group of people I had met 7 months ago in Beijing!!!  There's Gregory, Linedor, and [sorry... I forget].  Steve was there too.  What coincidence!!!Here's Suzie and Loren; Alder and Ruth...It was esp. good to see Mike, who came down from Portland for Aaron's b-day.Aaron, the man of the hour, getting out of the SUV limo.  What a fun night!I rode a black Honda Nighthawk 250 in the ABATE class.Rae, Felix, Katia, Loren and Adam on a happy Fourth of July.Adrienne with Goldie in sunny San Diego. (December 22, 1999)Adrienne skiing.Here's a profile of some solid polyurethaneylon from Marathon in Albany, GA. (March 6, 2010)Swimming from Alcatraz to San Francisco.Swimming from Alcatraz to San Francisco.When I met up with Jeff and Alene at the Grand View Cemetery, they had already run 14.5 miles!New emblem on my 1991 Alfa Romeo Spider.La Rotonde Fountain (1860).AJ Simon and his sons Tom and Ben on Old La Honda Road.Alene Nitzky running in the Do-It-Yourself 50 Miles (DIY 50 Miles) in the Hearthfire neighborhood of Fort Collins.Basic gauges...Waiting our turn.One of us (Susan) brought her own scooter.A drill through the cones.Another view.  The tire is very flexible.My technique of using a lead knock-off hammer seemed very effective in mounting the tire!It was quite easy to "stretch" the tire over and onto the rim.Top profile of the tire after it was mounted onto the rim.Carrie with her new tires during a nighttime commute ride.Felix, Alene, and Jeff.We thought it was funny that there was a liquor store across the street selling spirits.Jeff has the same Red Feather Race snowshoes that I have, except he made them even lighter by removing the bindings and screwing running shoes directly to the base!Jeff and Alene on the last and 28th lap (for 45 km).Jeff and Alene about to cross the "finish line" and could STOP!Jeff and Alene about to cross the "finish line" and could STOP!I see this tall bike a lot here, except now it is white!  I think a woman rides it.Alene, Cathy, Tom, and Dennis after good food and fun times at Rio Grande.The 9 Cannons Fountain (1691).  Its water was used by the nuns of Saint-Ursule, and then by the Benedictines.King Ren?'s Fountain (1891).Flowers are abundant on Proven?al streets.Red doors and flowers.The Law Courts.Typical Proven?al building colors.I have a Scanlan print on the wall of my guest room that looks quite similar to this.Happy Days diner.Town Hall.Colorful doors.Fountains on Cours de Minimes.Checking out the vendors with Katia on Cours Mirabeau at night.Maureen on the lookout tower at Albert Mountain and above the fog.Fog beyond the lookout tower at Albert Mountain.The Albert Mountain trail featured steep inclines.Maureen giving water to this dog we encountered named Teddy. Teddy and his mother were section-hiking the Appalachian Trail.Teddy decided my foot was a good resting spot.Maureen on the Albert Mountain trail about 1.5 miles in.The view in the distance from Albert Mountain.A snake at Albert Mountain.Flowers and insects at Albert Mountain.Two red wild mushrooms, Albert MountainResting at Mooney Gap on Albert Mountain in a green Chillax double hammock my brother and sister-in-law gave me during the holidays Braxton Bilbrey -- a second grader -- just swam from Alcatraz to San Francisco in 47 minutes. Photo: George Niktin/Associated Press. (May 26, 2006)
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