Date: July 15, 1999 (Thu)

Carolyn being content that she played hookie from work to run off to Seneca Point with me. (July 19, 1999)Saying goodbye to Carolyn and Kat at the airport.  Nothing can beat that summer of '99! (July 19, 1999)Carolyn, Kat and an Austin Healey at a random car show in front of Lemongrass.  This is the evening I first met Carolyn.Carolyn, Kat and Rebecca again (July 17, 1999)Carolyn in disbelief it took so long for Yan to finally catch a fish.  "There are so many down there!" she observed. (July 18, 1999)Rebecca and Carolyn canoeing. (July 18, 1999)Carolyn at Seneca Point. (July 19, 1999)Carolyn and I got some ice cream before heading back to Pittsburgh. (July 19, 1999)Our trusty Neon rental car. (July 19, 1999)Felix Wong playing with Maxine's virtual tennis racket.  If I remember correctly, I won. (July 18, 1999)The girls canoeing, just minutes before Davey, Yan and I capsized our canoe. "It was Yan!" claimed Davey. (July 18, 1999)Free pepsi at Kennywood! (July 17, 1999)Pittsburgh Plunge at Kennywood. (July 17, 1999)The lovelies sunbathing. (July 18, 1999)
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