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Records from 2006-05-01 to 2006-12-16

DateBike NameMilesAvg MPHTimeNotes
2006-05-10Carrie0.2515.000:01:00First test ride in Highlands Ranch.
2006-05-13Carrie215.000:08:00Night ride with adjusted saddle and stem height.
2006-05-17Carrie20.414.401:25:00Up and over Bingham Hill. Carrie really sings at speed. Light weight and stiffness seemed to help charge over hills.
2006-06-06Carrie714.000:30:00Around Long Pond; easy.
2006-09-13Carrie2.414.400:10:00Quick night ride with Carrie after installing new rear wheel, swapping brakes with Cannie, mounting grocery rack, etc.
2006-09-13Carrie7.412.700:35:00To get groceries and back. First time with grocery pannier. With 17.8 pounds, the pannier kept hitting the spokes...
2006-09-19Carrie11.416.300:42:00Commute to Old Town and back.
2006-09-23Carrie16.86.702:30:00Tour de Fat
2006-10-25Carrie1214.400:50:00Drop off package at USPS and pick up tube & rim tape for Dick & Dee.
2006-10-29Carrie11.219.200:35:00To Gym of the Rockies to climb with Rhea, and back. Had to bike due to oil pan cracking in Alfa.
2006-10-30Carrie8.517.000:30:00To AutoZone and Albertson's to fetch an oil drain pan and kitty litter.
2006-10-31Carrie1616.001:00:00Commute to CSU for Spanish Meetup; stop by NextNC office; haircut; buy 7 qts. of oil for Alfa.
2006-11-01Carrie11.214.900:45:00To Gym of the Rockies and back to climb with Jeremy, Rhea, and Cooper. 28 degrees outside when I started riding at 6:45pm but not horrific.
2006-11-03Carrie18.314.601:15:00To Subway for lunch, Spanish Meetup and the Sunflower Market for groceries.
2006-11-04Carrie11.216.800:40:00To Gym of the Rockies for some bouldering.
2006-11-05Carrie18.715.001:15:00To Eldora Park 8k, bagels with FC Runners, and grocery shopping at the Sunflower Market.
2006-11-09Carrie412.000:20:00Starting biking to Spanish Meetup, but got a flat tire and went back home to pick up car.
2006-11-14Carrie14.514.501:00:00Commute to Spanish Meetup and library.
2006-11-16Carrie18.614.901:15:00To lunch, Spanish Meetup, and Runner's Roost to register for Thanksgiving race.
2006-11-19Carrie12.212.201:00:00To lunch and library.
2006-12-15Carrie5.8314.600:24:00First ride with AirFree tires, to the library. First impressions are generally positive.

Total Miles: 229.88
Total Time: 16:50:00
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