About the Race

What: A 4,233-mile, self-supported bicycle race from Astoria, Oregon to Yorktown, Virginia. [More info]
When: Starts on June 6, 2015 at 5:00 A.M. PST in Astoria, Oregon.
Where: See TrackLeaders.com or embedded map below.
Who: Ultra-distance amateur cycling enthusiasts from around the world.
Why: To fulfill a childhood dream of cycling across the USA. I have done it from Canada to Mexico in the 2008 Tour Divide on a mountain bike, but this is more aligned with the original dream of cycling from sea to shining sea on a road bike.

Where I Am

Tuesday, June 30 7:17 A.M. EST: Done! 23d:23h:17m, 8th place. [Results]

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4 comments on “2015 Trans Am Bike Race

  1. Comment by Roger Robison

    Felix, I can see you are nearing Sonora, it is generally a flat landscape. You will make some good time. Later today you will be coming down from some hills to Howardstown. Be careful on that downhill. It is very steep and has a deadly hairpin curve near the bottom. Once you get to the bottom of the hill and cross the bridge you will be riding through about twenty miles of some of the most peaceful landscape on the ride. I have been drinking Mountain Dew.


  2. Comment by Roger Robison


    I can see you have really been moving. The next part of route till you get to Elkhorn will be a very tight landscape. The terrain will be a “V” shape with steep wilderness mountains on both sides of the road. It will seem like you are riding through a maze. Just keep going. Once you get to Elkhorn there will be a climb and then the landscape will start to open up as soon as you leave Kentucky.


  3. Comment by Roger Robison


    You almost have the most difficult part behind you. You will notice as soon as you pass Lookout the mood of things will start to fade. Slowly it will lift and when you get passed Elkhorn you will see a completely different mood. Shortly after Elkhorn you will enter Virginia and everything will become nice like it should be.


  4. Comment by Roger Robison


    I see you have made it past Damascus and are climbing the hill to Troutdale. Your in Virginia now so every mile you ride east it will just get better and better. The only obstacle left is the hill just past Vesuvious. But you are used to hills so it won’t be a problem. After that hill it will in general be a downhill ride to the coast. If the heat and humidity will hold off you are on your way.


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