The Camino de Santiago Posts Are Coming

It’s been taking me a bit longer to post about the three-week walk across Spain that I did from September 23-October 15 along the Camino de Santiago. This is mainly […]

Spring Park 6k

“My wave today is based off last year’s results when I was a bit faster,” I explained almost apologetically to some friends who were starting in earlier—or slower—waves in front […]

FCRC Turkey/Donut Predict 5k

“Hi Adam,” I wrote my bud in California. “When are you flying into Colorado? Would you be interested in doing a “prediction run” (5k) on Saturday in Fort Collins? Entry […]

Bowling Green Marathon (BG 26.2)

I certainly had my doubts about my fitness for this marathon. On one hand, before going to Portugal and Spain eight weeks ago, I felt very fit due to all […]

Lugo, Spain

When I had arrived in Lugo—the largest town along the Camino Primitivo aside from Oviedo—a Spaniard named Juan Carlos had warned me that there were going to be a lot […]

Oviedo, Spain

“What’s in Oviedo?” Vicky asked Juan Carlos in Woody Allen’s Spain-inspired movie, Vicky Cristina Barcelona. “I go to see a sculpture that is very inspiring to me, very beautiful sculpture. […]

Camino de Santiago Days 1-6 (Del Norte)

I flew from Barcelona to San Sebastián, where my friend (and Fort Collins Running Club international ambassador) picked me up from the airport. At his house, we had dinner with […]

Barcelona, Spain

It’s an age-old question I didn’t really want to answer, lest I color my parents’ own mind before they could decide their own preference. “Which city do you like better, […]

Madrid, Spain

It was four years ago that I visited Madrid for the first time, albeit briefly. Yet, upon returning this time, it felt like I picked up right where I left […]

Food in Spain

Admittedly, there are very few edibles that I will not at least try, and maybe even fewer international cuisines that I dislike. You can call me a certified omnivore. But […]

Granada, Spain

When we arrived at our hotel in Granada, Spain, I knew that The Alhambra—a fortress originally constructed in 889 A.D. the remains of Roman fortifications, and then renovated in the […]

Cars in Spain

Unlike in the early 2000s when I first went to Europe, the last couple times I have visited the Mother Continent I have experienced less and less car-envy. For one […]

Seville, Spain

From Lisbon, we took an overnight bus into Seville and then checked into a beautifully modern AirBnB that was only two blocks away from the bus station. After a quick […]

Lisbon, Portugal

“I was thinking we could do a ‘free’ walking tour tomorrow,” I said to my dad. “I’ve never done one before, but a city tour is the number two most […]

Small World Moments

It was only the second day of my six week journey away from home, but it was going delightfully. The first place I had flown to was the San Francisco […]