Ultralight Travel: My Packing List for 6 Weeks in Spain

I haven’t blogged for a couple weeks because I’ve been traveling. First, I went to California to visit a few friends and meet up with my parents at the San […]

Fortitude 10k

My sweet cat Tiger passed away the day before the Fortitude 10k, so I had already decided that I would be running this race in memory of her. I wasn’t […]

Farewell to Tiger, My Sweet Cat

I haven’t devoted much virtual ink on my website about my two furry family members, mainly because they have their own website, I first took them into my home […]

Tour de Fat

Today was the Saturday before Labor Day, which is a particularly important day for Fort Collins because of its biggest “holiday” of the year. Yep, I mean the Tour de […]

How to Export Tinycards by Duolingo to Quizlet, CSV, Excel

As I wrote in my previous post entitled Tinycards vs. Quizlet vs. Anki: The Best App for Language Flashcards, after evaluating three of the most popular language flashcards systems over […]

Tinycards vs. Quizlet vs. Anki: The Best App for Language Flashcards

Since the beginning of the year, I have been trying various flashcard applications to learn French, Mandarin, and Spanish vocabulary. These included Anki, Quizlet, and Tinycards by Duolingo. Anki is […]

Total Solar Eclipse From South of St. Louis

I’ll admit, I did not even know there was going to be a solar eclipse this year until my friend Emarit, who is a private pilot among many other things, […]

My “Microsoft-Edition Android Phone”: Windows 10 Mobile vs. Android in 2017

It was the last day of March 2017. I—a Windows phone user and Microsoft fanboy since 2012—received an email from Wharton Brooks, whose enthusiastic CEO made some waves in August […]

Website Revisions

I generally revise every three to five years to keep up with modern trends in web design and computing technology. I last overhauled the website in 2014, mainly implementing […]

Denver-Aspen Classic

Before this timed tour even got underway, there were omens that the 2017 Denver-Aspen Classic was going to be epic. When I took the Litespeed out for a final, gear […]

America! My Very Patriotic Fourth of July

I was at a Fourth of July party relaxing on a sofa with Fat Tire beer in hand and friendly dog’s head on leg, enjoying the company of dear friends. […]

My Friend Azad Learned How to Ride a Bike in 2 Minutes

We were at a Spanish conversation meeting, talking about cycling, when Azad casually mentioned something nearly as intriguing as the possibility of extra-terrestrial life, or a sub-two-hour marathon. “I actually […]

Tim Kalisch Memorial Grand Loop Double Century

I had previously biked few of the roads in the Tim Kalisch Memorial Grand Loop double century, but had a healthy respect for the monstrous climbs it contained. This explains […]

Knoxville, TN

I had been to Knoxville once before, in 2005, including running around town like a bandit during a marathon. Back then I came away feeling that Knoxville was a sleepy […]

Riding U.S. Highway 129’s Tail of the Dragon in Tennessee/North Carolina

Riding the Tail of the Dragon has been on my bucket list for a while, not only because I’ve read so much about driving in the Blue Ridge Mountains (particularly […]