Mini-Golf with Cathy Felix Wong

Posted pics from a night of mini-golf and fun with Cath.

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I was very lucky to see this self-described tank-top-and-shorts girl in various dresses this summer.  She could make any outfit look good. (Photo by Cathy) ... and even look cute with glasses and a pencil in her mouth.  Here Cathy gets ready to putt. Cathy the hockey player looking amused while Felix Wong the cyclist is trying to putt (somewhere).  Alas my night-time photography is horrendous! Crazy Cath jumping for joy (again with a pencil in her mouth) after successfully doing the volcano! Felix, the latest victim to be captivated by Cathy's irresistable charms. Our scores.  If it seems like we did half-decent, it's because SOMEONE (not me) was fudging the numbers just a little bit!  Thanks for the memories, Cath!

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