Featured photo for Big Sur, CA

Big Sur, CA

Posted photos from backpacking in Big Sur with Sarah, including stopping by the Sykes Hot Springs.

Sarah at the start of the Pine Ridge Trail on our 26-mile round-trip journey to the Sykes Hot Springs and beyond.
The day begins misty but beautiful among the glorious redwood trees.
Felix Wong during a short photo break.
Sarah coming down the trail at approximately Mile 6.
Sarah on a fallen tree overlooking a creek.
Nice views of distant peaks abound.
Just past these artfully-placed rocks are the hot springs...
After soaking in the hot springs for a few hours, we head on out to Redwood Camp passing scenery much different from the redwoods.
Preparing food & camp.  It was so nice outside we didn't even set up our tent and just slept on a groundcloth.
Felix Wong and Sarah early in the second day.
Sarah taking an impromptu dip in the creek.
At the end: we run into the three jovial guys we kept seeing who had gone to the hot springs with 30 pounds of food in their packs!