Edora Park 8k

“Woah, it’s already 39 degrees,” I realized upon waking up for today’s eight-kilometer Tortoise & Hare race put on by the Fort Collins Running Club. “It’s going to be singlet […]

Remembering the Furnace Creek 508 (Microsoft Sway Presentation)

Back in 2011, I set a pretty audacious goal: to tackle the “Toughest 48 Hours in Sport”—or what the Furnace Creek 508 was known as at the time—in one of […]

Arena Attack Indoor Marathon

“An indoor marathon!” friends invariably exclaimed when I told them the reason for a quick weekend trip to Hartford Connecticut. That was usually followed up by, “that sounds like the […]

Pursuit Power: My First Powerlifting Meet!

It always has amazed me how strong the players in the NFL are. Now, you probably would not be surprised that someone like DK Metcalf can lift a lot because […]

Fossil Creek Park 5k

I was looking forward to the 2020 edition of the Fossil Creek Park 5k Tortoise & Hare race particularly because the weather forecast called for a balmy 32 degrees at […]

New Year’s Challenge 2020

Back in my October 2019 post entitled Remembering Stacey, I wrote:  Stacey’s birthday reminds me of what a supportive friend she was and how she pushed me to go beyond […]

Winter Bike to Work Day

“Still debating… so cold,” wrote my friend Brooke when messaging about doing Winter Bike to Work Day. Ultimately, I think I was able to convince her by assuring her should […]

Farewell to Peter, my PT Cruiser GT

Four and a half years. That is how long I had Peter, the Cool Vanilla Chrysler PT Cruiser GT. Until now. Yep, I sold him. I bought the car in […]

Spring Park 6k

I ran the Sweaty Sweater 4 Mile yesterday, so I was not expecting to have a good result today—especially considering how for a few hours after the previous day’s race, […]

Sweaty Sweater 4 Mile

The way I took off at the gun—first one out there for the first 100 meters—you might have thought I was racing for a win. But I was merely trying […]

The Big Purge, 2019 Edition

It has been over four years since I last did a big fall cleaning, and it really showed. Piled up in one of my closets were a bunch of things […]

How to Type Pinyin in Windows 10

As I have been learning Mandarin over the last several years, I’ve been looking for a good method to type Pinyin, which is how Anglos “spell” Chinese words using the […]

Thanksgiving Murph Challenge

This year instead of merely running like a wild turkey being chased by a butcher wielding a giant fork and a knife on Thanksgiving, I was running like a wild […]

Turkey-Donut Predict 5k

This was the annual Turkey-Donut Predict Run, a free event that collects canned goods to donate to the Larimer County Food Bank. It was also my first short race since […]

Video from my first Camino de Santiago

Just over two years ago, I embarked on what would become one of my greatest—and purely enjoyable—lifetime adventures: hiking across Spain on various caminos (Camino del Norte, Camino Primitivo, Camino […]

SEMA Ignited

As a car enthusiast, I read about it in online car magazines every single year. It’s one of the biggest aftermarket automotive trade shows in the U.S., if not the […]

Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas likes to dub itself the Entertainment Capital of the World, and for good reason. You don’t even have to attend a Cirque du Soleil show or the Menopause […]

A Taste of Huntington, WV

It was a couple weeks after I had signed up for the Marshall University Marathon that I learned that a friend had lived in Huntington, WV, since her significant other […]