Loveland-Wellington 100 Figure 8 Ride

The coronavirus had already caused the cancellation of what was going to be my biggest cycling event of this summer—the Triple Bypass, which is basically Colorado’s version of California’s famous […]

All I Ever Wanted (Jim Brickman Cover)

For the fourth piece in the series of the COVID concerts, I picked a song by American piano pop music songwriter Jim Brickman called All I Ever Wanted (1995). I […]

Romance by Jean Sibelius (Virtual Piano Concert)

Here’s the third song in the series of COVID concerts that’s only 20 years older than my 1924 Chicago Cable Company piano: Romance by Finnish composer Jean Sibelius. I like […]

In the Morning Light (Yanni Cover)

The COVID-19 concerts continue! This one is In the Morning Light, which is a song that Yanni wrote approximately three decades ago and, much later, said he used to help […]

Reflections of Passion: My First Virtual Piano Concert!

During the last few years for instances when my workload was heavier, I would go into Cohere Co-working once or twice a week. It was a good way to minimize […]

Run Hard Columbia Marathon

Late January’s Arena Attack Indoor Marathon and my huge positive split (second half 25 minutes slower than the first half) reiterated two lessons I should have learned from the 50+ […]

Lee Martinez Park 10k

“As noted in last week’s newsletter,” wrote Nick Clark, the long-time volunteer race director of the Fort Collins Running Club’s Tortoise & Hare race series, “the pacing goal should be negative […]

Gould Snowshoe Stomp (& Poudre Scenic Drive)

When I clicked “Buy now” for a pair of Redfeather Race snowshoes back in 2006, I was envisioning doing a running competition with them. Colorado, after all, is an outdoor […]

Edora Park 8k

“Woah, it’s already 39 degrees,” I realized upon waking up for today’s eight-kilometer Tortoise & Hare race put on by the Fort Collins Running Club. “It’s going to be singlet […]

Remembering the Furnace Creek 508 (Microsoft Sway Presentation)

Back in 2011, I set a pretty audacious goal: to tackle the “Toughest 48 Hours in Sport”—or what the Furnace Creek 508 was known as at the time—in one of […]

Arena Attack Indoor Marathon

“An indoor marathon!” friends invariably exclaimed when I told them the reason for a quick weekend trip to Hartford Connecticut. That was usually followed up by, “that sounds like the […]

Pursuit Power: My First Powerlifting Meet!

It always has amazed me how strong the players in the NFL are. Now, you probably would not be surprised that someone like DK Metcalf can lift a lot because […]

Fossil Creek Park 5k

I was looking forward to the 2020 edition of the Fossil Creek Park 5k Tortoise & Hare race particularly because the weather forecast called for a balmy 32 degrees at […]

New Year’s Challenge 2020

Back in my October 2019 post entitled Remembering Stacey, I wrote:  Stacey’s birthday reminds me of what a supportive friend she was and how she pushed me to go beyond […]

Winter Bike to Work Day

“Still debating… so cold,” wrote my friend Brooke when messaging about doing Winter Bike to Work Day. Ultimately, I think I was able to convince her by assuring her should […]

Farewell to Peter, my PT Cruiser GT

Four and a half years. That is how long I had Peter, the Cool Vanilla Chrysler PT Cruiser GT. Until now. Yep, I sold him. I bought the car in […]

Spring Park 6k

I ran the Sweaty Sweater 4 Mile yesterday, so I was not expecting to have a good result today—especially considering how for a few hours after the previous day’s race, […]

Sweaty Sweater 4 Mile

The way I took off at the gun—first one out there for the first 100 meters—you might have thought I was racing for a win. But I was merely trying […]