Lems Primal 2 Shoes: How Long Do They Last?

After the Puma H-Street shoe—a favorite among minimalist and POSE runners—was discontinued in 2012, I hoarded a few pairs and use them for racing only. That way I will have […]

Cruise the Rockies: Peter Meets Some Relatives

I first heard about the annual Cruise the Rockies event from Jim Croscs’ Hagerty article provocatively titled Is Chrysler’s PT Cruiser the Best Worst Car of All Time? Apparently, ever […]

Oregon Coast Scenic Drive

An activity that had been on my bucket list for a long time was driving the Oregon coast in a sports car. I briefly considered driving there in the Audi […]

DIY Hearthfire Ultra 100km

When the first rays of sunlight broke through the horizon the morning of the second annual DIY Hearthfire Ultra—an event primarily organized by participants for themselves (hence the term DIY, […]

Fort Collins-Walden 200: Riding a Double Century on a 1-Speed Huffy Cruiser

Like a prizefighter doing a weigh-in the day before a boxing match, I stepped on a digital scale: first clutching my hefty—er, “robust”—one-speed Huffy Cranbrook cruiser, then without it. I […]

Broncos 7k

“This Saturday is the Broncos 7K at Anheuser-Busch,” I told my friend Emily. “You should come and run and then meet some Broncos with me, maybe touch a Super Bowl […]

Bike to Work Day

“There were nearly 70 stations during Bike to Work Day,” I told my dad, “with almost all of them offering free breakfast!” “Who provided the food,” my dad wondered. “And […]

Open Streets: Maple Bikeway

When I attended an Open Streets event on Ponderosa Dr. last year, I likened it to Cañada Road Bicycle Sundays near Steve Jobs’ old stomping grounds in which a thoroughfare […]

The End of My Microsoft Fanboyism

Less than two decades ago, too many computer viruses, Blue Screens of Death, and half-day Windows re-installs had made me become a bona fide Microsoft hater. In fact, my frustrations […]

Zack’s Deadlift Birthday Party

People have all sorts of interesting ways to celebrate their birthday. For example, I once jumped out of a 100% functional airplane over fertile grape fields in California for one […]

Breezing Through Airport Security Without TSA Pre-Check

Travel is usually fun but is definitely not without its headaches. One such headache became amplified after 9/11 and other terrorist acts that caused the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) of […]

Old Town Car Show, Fort Collins

After helping Manuel move from Greeley to Fort Collins, he and our friends E., Mel and I took a time out to attend the annual Old Town Car Show in […]

The Eight-Sport Weekend

Upon parting ways in Peru, my friend Matthew said, “Come over to D.C. and we’ll do a ten-sport weekend.” I still have not done so, but by the second day […]

The Murph Challenge

“So pumped about this,” I told my friends Emily and Jennifer in the days leading up to the event. “MURPH!” Actually, I had been looking forward to this event since […]

Realities Ride & Rally

After going for a run in the morning, my bud Manuel and I biked over to Old Town on the Cannondale F700 mountain bike and Huffy Cranbrook cruiser, respectively, to […]

Rustic-Louisville 200

At first my intention was to ride the Rocky Mountain Cycling Club’s 300km Brevet and then tack on 13 miles to make it 200. But the start time was 4:00 […]

So Close to My Running Goals This Year

Up to this point, I’ve done seven races in 2019. For every one, I’ve been super close to my goal times: Fossil Creek Park 5k: Goal sub-21:00; actual 20:53 (under […]

Colorado Marathon

“I’m happy with how it went especially for the amount of training I did,” I observed immediately after this year’s Colorado Marathon. “If I trained twice as much I probably […]