Zack’s Deadlift Birthday Party

People have all sorts of interesting ways to celebrate their birthday. For example, I once jumped out of a 100% functional airplane over fertile grape fields in California for one […]

Breezing Through Airport Security Without TSA Pre-Check

Travel is usually fun but is definitely not without its headaches. One such headache became amplified after 9/11 and other terrorist acts that caused the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) of […]

Old Town Car Show, Fort Collins

After helping Manuel move from Greeley to Fort Collins, he and our friends E., Mel and I took a time out to attend the annual Old Town Car Show in […]

The Eight-Sport Weekend

Upon parting ways in Peru, my friend Matthew said, “Come over to D.C. and we’ll do a ten-sport weekend.” I still have not done so, but by the second day […]

The Murph Challenge

“So pumped about this,” I told my friends Emily and Jennifer in the days leading up to the event. “MURPH!” Actually, I had been looking forward to this event since […]

Realities Ride & Rally

After going for a run in the morning, my bud Manuel and I biked over to Old Town on the Cannondale F700 mountain bike and Huffy Cranbrook cruiser, respectively, to […]

Rustic-Louisville 200

At first my intention was to ride the Rocky Mountain Cycling Club’s 300km Brevet and then tack on 13 miles to make it 200. But the start time was 4:00 […]

So Close to My Running Goals This Year

Up to this point, I’ve done seven races in 2019. For every one, I’ve been super close to my goal times: Fossil Creek Park 5k: Goal sub-21:00; actual 20:53 (under […]

Colorado Marathon

“I’m happy with how it went especially for the amount of training I did,” I observed immediately after this year’s Colorado Marathon. “If I trained twice as much I probably […]

Antxon & Vicky’s Visit

Let me tell you that there is an even more effective method for honing your foreign language skills than jetting over to a country abroad and immersing yourself in its […]

Horsetooth Half Marathon

This would be the fifth time I had run the Horsetooth Half Marathon—Fort Collins’ iconic 13.1-mile race and one of the oldest half marathons in the world—in 12 years, and […]

Denver Auto Show

“If you are still up for picking me up,” I wrote my buddy Manuel shortly before returning to Colorado from Europe, “here’s an idea for something we could do afterwards […]

Brighton and Hove, England

“You should come down to Brighton next year,” my friend Carolyn said last year when she was in Fort Collins for a couple days for a wedding. “That’s where Jon […]

Fontainebleau, France

The previous day, an employee at the BMW showroom only a couple blocks off the Champs-Élysées had warned us to not come anywhere near the avenue—or any famous tourist destination, […]

Cars in Paris

“The Eiffel Tower is iconic, yes,” wrote my friend Angie on Facebook shortly after spending a couple days in Paris with me, “but the fast cars, they’re truly the highlight […]

Paris, France

My friend Angie and I had just found the BMW showroom a couple blocks off the Champs-Élysées. We were about to wander were it not for a burly looking dude […]

Girona, Spain

I was on a high-speed train from Barcelona to Valencia, when an overhead display caught my eye. It was not the speed we were going, although 200 km/hr was quite […]

Valencia, Spain

“Thinking of either staying in Spain to see Seville and check out the festival in Valencia, or going to Amsterdam for a couple of days,” messaged my friend Emily while […]