• Felix Wong, 2017 Harley Davidson Sportster Iron 883, Tail of the Dragon

    Felix Wong

    Fort Collins, Colorado

  • Felix Wong, 2017 Harley Davidson Sportster Iron 883, Tail of the Dragon

    World traveler.

    Motoring enthusiast.

  • SEO

    Adventure racer.

    Ultra athlete.

  • Felix Wong, Vontarrius Dora, Kyle Peko

    Colorado transplant.

    Broncos fan.

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I am Felix Wong of Fort Collins, Colorado. I love a good challenge. Here are some of my most epic adventures.

Latest Epic

A Walk Across Spain

Camino de Santiago del Norte - Primitivo - Francés - Fisterra

A 607-mile hike across España in 3 weeks

Write-ups are here!

Felix Wong in Irún, Spain

Latest posts

Memories of Rawlins, WY

The other day I received a postcard from my friend Mike. From prison. “All the times I’ve been through Rawlins and I’ve never stopped in!” it read. I laughed after […]

Fall Colors Ride

In 2019 and 2018 I rode the Buell motorcycle into the Poudre Canyon to view fall colors. But this year a couple things changed. First, when the lockdowns began in […]

I Completed the Chinese and Portuguese Trees on Duolingo!

As described the blog post entitled “How I Spent My Time During the Coronovirus Pandemic,” one of the things I have been concentrating on during this most unusual year was […]

Writing Chinese on a Smartphone for the First Time

Despite today literally being one of the darkest days I have witnessed, this morning was actually one of my most exciting for a reason completely unrelated to wildfire smoke. This […]

The Darkest Day

As if 2020 wasn’t already challenging enough, seemingly the entire western United States has been in flames. This includes four large wildfires in Colorado that have been almost 100% uncontained […]

Review: Dynaplug Racer Tire Plugs For Tubeless Road Bicycle Tires

Considering that the bane of a cyclist’s existence has traditionally been flat tires, it’s been truly a wonder that not every cyclist that rides more than 10 miles a week […]

Return to the Heart (David Lanz Cover)

David Lanz is a Grammy-nominated pianist whose “New Age” music was popular in the late 1980s. He once stated: [The piano] is the most divinely inspired instrument on the planet. […]

I Attended My First NBA Game… Virtually

Growing up, the favorite sport of my family was neither cycling nor running. It was also not soccer or T-ball, even though my parents enrolled me in both and I […]

On This Day 25 Years Ago

It’s probably a safe bet that not too many people will be calling 2020 as “one of the best years ever,” notwithstanding efforts to make the most of it. Which […]

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"Only those who dare, truly live."

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