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In the Media: Video & Audio

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Ride the Divide

This movie, now a cult classic, is about the inaugural edition of the iconic Tour Divide mountain bike race. Gorgeous cinematography, a stirring soundtrack, and compelling storyline.

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Team Sea to See Documentary

A full-length feature film documenting the journey of the first team with all blind stokers to complete the gruelling Race Across America bicycle race.

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MiHEC Library Presentation

As a director of the 501(c)(3) non-profit MiHEC, I've given presentations about the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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Paris-Brest-Paris Presentation

For their annual dinner, the MGOC invited me to do a presentation of the world's oldest bicycle race still in existence: Paris-Brest-Paris.

Cordillera book downloaded onto laptop

In Print

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Still Running, by Libby James

In her beautiful memoir, world record-holder and local legend Libby James wrote a chapter about my athletic exploits.

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I wrote a piece for this compilation of literature from the Tour Divide featuring several notable journalists.

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Bicycling Magazine

As a teenager I would check out Bicycling Magazine from the library cover to cover. So it's neat to get a mention in it several decades later.

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Reddit: Ask Me Anything

The folks at Reddit invited me to answer questions about the Trans Am Bike Race, Tour Divide, and ultra-cycling.