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A Foreign Country Each Year

Beginning in 1999, I started a "foreign-country-a-year" streak. Unfortunately, it ended in the pandemic year of...

two white horses and carriage in Prague

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Below are some of my most recent travels. The rest are filed in the subtopics at the top of this page.

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Madrid, Spain

I primarily spent time in Madrid to run the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon and to catch...

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San Sebastian, Spain

In between VaughanTown and a return trip to Galicia, I spent a weekend visiting Antxon and...

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Galicia, Spain

What would you do to meet someone who potentially was your dream girl/guy/mate? In my case,...

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Madison, Wisconsin

Sixteen years ago when I did the Great American Road Trip through 20 states and provinces...

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Roanoke, Virginia

Roanoke is the largest city in western Virginia but not the largest in the state (that...

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Middlebury, Vermont

The first time I had heard of Middlebury, Vermont I was watching the classic George Lucas...

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Portland, Maine

The first and only time I had visited Portland, Maine until today was thirteen years ago,...

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Memories of Rawlins, WY

The other day I received a postcard from my friend Mike. From prison. “All the times...