Felix Wong doing a pushup in a bedroom

Keeping Fit While Traveling

One downside to traveling is that it is harder to stick with any sort of exercise regimen. Whereas at home, I can step away from, say, the computer to push some weights on the power rack in the basement for a nice break, usually while I’m on the road, I lack such convenient access to exercise equipment. Therefore, after a couple weeks of traveling, it’s not unusual for me to feel like my muscles are wasting away.

This time I am trying to do some sort of exercise each day while in California. The aerobic component is not too difficult since I packed my pair of ultra-light running shoes and have been able to run a little bit out here in Stockton. Power and strength training has required more creativity. This is what I have come up with so far:

  1. Pushups: I try to do one or two sets of 50 a day on my knuckles, which allows me to go deeper.
  2. Crunches: 100 per day
  3. Wall sits: It seems like just doing a two-minute wall sit already burns out my quads! Quite humbling for a cyclist.

Of course, whenever I visit Stacey, she always seems to make me do 20-30 pullups. And Alyssa is good about making me rock climb.

Does anyone have any other exercises they’d recommend adding to this regimen? One nice thing about all of the above is that it takes less than 10 minutes!

Felix Wong doing a pushup in a bedroom
Doing push-ups while traveling