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SF Bay Visit

After visiting family in Stockton over the holidays, I hopped into a rental car (a surprisingly nice Pontiac G6 which has renewed my faith in General Motors) to meet with some friends. As usual, I was not able to see nearly everyone I would have like to have visited, but maybe next time. Here are a few photos for memories sake (although sadly I did not get photos of everyone I saw).

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It was great to catch up with Suzie and Loren!
Photo: Loren Cheng
Stacey on belay at Planet Granite.
Alyssa coming down the wall.
Our big group went to BJ's to celebrate Ronnie's 40th birthday.
Alyssa helps light up a birthday cake for Ronnie.
Justin, Kathleen, Felix, and Stacey.
Having some great Persian food with Alyssa and Sang.
Lisa and I had some deep-dish pizza at Zacchary's in Albany, CA.  Delish!
Stacey and Ann with their x-mas tree.