SF Bay Visit

After visiting family in Stockton over the holidays, I hopped into a rental car (a surprisingly nice Pontiac G6 which has renewed my faith in General Motors) to meet with some friends. As usual, I was not able to see nearly everyone I would have like to have visited, but maybe next time. Here are a few photos for memories sake (although sadly I did not get photos of everyone I saw).

Stacey and Ann with their x-mas tree. (January 7, 2008)It was great to catch up with Suzie and Loren! (Photo by Loren.)Stacey on belay at Planet Granite.Alyssa coming down the wall.Our big group went to BJ's to celebrate Ronnie's 40th birthday.Alyssa helps light up a birthday cake for Ronnie.Justin, Kathleen, Felix, and Stacey.Having some great Persian food with Alyssa and Sang. (January 6, 2008)Lisa and I had some deep-dish pizza at Zacchary's in Albany, CA.  Delish!

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