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Southern U.S. Trip

"New years always start well for me," I told my folks in the waning weeks of...

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New England Trip Recap

I had just six days in New England, but I tried making the most of it---including...

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Visited U.S. States

Somewhere I read that the average American has only visited three states. While I suspect that...

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Great American Road Trip

From 2002-2004, I started planting the seeds of making an escape from the San Francisco Bay...

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Plan B

So a couple of weeks ago I reported that I had chose Bend, Oregon as the...

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U.S. Cities Comparison

To help me decide where to relocate to, I created a spreadsheet summarizing some of the...

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X-Country Drive

This was a three-day cross-country drive with Esther from Vermont to California in "PC" ("Prince Charming")...