X-Country Drive

Quick cross-country drive with Esther from Vermont to California in “PC” (“Prince Charming”) her Acura Integra.

Vermont.Vermont.Vermont.Ice fisherman on frozen lake in Vermont.Vermont.Welcome to New York!Stockton, Illinois (?), not Stockton, CA, our final destination. (January 30, 2000)One of the many cars buried under snow along I-80. (January 30, 2000)I don't know why I snapped this picture! (January 30, 2000)PC, Esther's trusty Acura Integra, at night in Nebraska (or is it Wyoming?). (January 30, 2000)Wyoming. (January 31, 2000)Rock formations in Wyoming. (January 31, 2000)More rock formations in Wyoming. (January 31, 2000)One of the Gazillion "Little America" signs in Wyoming. (January 31, 2000)Another Little America sign. (January 31, 2000)At last, we find Little America!  It turns out to be a little hotel. (January 31, 2000)Snow resumes in Utah. (January 31, 2000)The open road in Utah. (January 31, 2000)The Salt Flats from Utah to Nevada. (January 31, 2000)A random tree along the Salt Flats. (January 31, 2000)A marvelous reflection along the Salt Flats. (January 31, 2000)Houses in Nevada. (January 31, 2000)

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