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Reynolds Recumbent Log

This is a chronology of the building of Reynolds Wishbone Recumbent #35 starting in September of 1999. Also see the specs and photos.

  • Late Oct ’99: While travelling in Venice and other places in Italy, the raw frame, fork, and seat and assembly from George Reynolds arrives at my home.
  • Nov ’99: I procure most of the parts, including many Campy components, from various vendors, such as Branford Bike, Excel Sports Boulder, Colorado Cyclist, and Bike Nashbar.
  • Dec ’99: I spend much of the month doing finish work on the frame, including smoothening out the welds with Bondo.
  • Dec 27’99 Mon: I send the frame off to Golden State Body Shop in Newark to be painted.
  • Dec 29’99 Wed: I build the rear 600C wheel using a 36-hole Velocity Aeroheat rim and Campy Chorus hub.
  • Jan ‘7’00 Fri: The local automotive body shop has finished applying a 3-stage coat of Portia Guards Red to the frame.
  • Jan 17’00 Mon: I finish building the 20″ front wheel using a 36-hole Velocity Aeroheat AT rim and Campy Athena hub. I mount all the other crucial components too.
  • Jan 18’00 Tue: Woohoo! I take the ‘bent for a spin around the the neighborhood for the very first time sans front derailleur and rear brake. I fall several times! =)
  • Feb 4’00 Fri: I finally mount the front derailleur and rear brake.
  • Feb 16’00 Wed: I take the Wishbone on its first significant ride and hill during a 11-mile jaunt towards the Dumbarton Bridge. Alas, I get a flat tire midway through and didn’t carry a spare tube.
  • Feb 18’00 Fri: I make the decision to go to a 26″ (559mm) MTB wheel so I can use a wider rear tire, and start procuring parts for it.
  • Feb 19’00 Sat: I mount new water bottle cages and a hydration pack on the back of the seat, along with the cyclometer!
  • Feb 23’00 Wed: The parts are in! I build the 26″ rear wheel.
  • Feb 26’00 Sat: The Death Valley Double marks a triumphant return to ultramarathon cycling despite abandoning a race for the very first time.
  • Mar 21’00 Tue: Avocet very quickly warrantees my Avocet 45TT.
  • Mar 25’00 Sat: New personal record for a double century in Solvang. What a ride!
unpainted Reynolds Wishbone recumbent frame on a workbench, rear view
Reynolds Wishbone recumbent frame on a workbench for final prep work.