Reynolds Recumbent Specs

These are the final specifications for my Reynolds Wishbone recumbent. I built it virtually from scratch from hand-picked components in late 1999 to early 2000. The frame is #35 built.

Item Component Weight Cost Comments
Frame Reynolds’ Wishbone 6.6 lb (3000 g) $1150 bare + $250 custom paint chromoly square tubing; nickel plating/powder coating optional; Porsche Guards Redby local body shop
Fork Reynolds’ Custom 20″ 1.2 lb (540g) Included with frame straight fork
Seat/Steerer Assembly Reynolds proprietary 5.6 lb (2500g) Comes with frame Removed astroturf and painted black; will add black synthetic sheepskin covers
Headset Campagnolo Athena .24 lb (110g) $25 Pretty
Front Rim Velocity Aeroheat AT 20″ (406mm) .670 lb (304g) $45 Black anodized
Rear Rim Velocity Aeroheat AT 26″ (559mm) .974 lb (442g) $45 Black anodized
Front Hub Campagnolo Athena 36-hole .48 lb (220g) $25 Absolutely beautiful!
Rear Hub Shimano Deore XT 1.00 lb (455g) $45 Gray painted finish; not pretty but quieter than Campy’s hubs
Spokes DT Competition 14/16-gauge 1.0 lb (450g) estimated $40 Double butted
Front Tire Primo Comet 20″ X 1-3/8 .61 lb (275g) $20 100 psi road tire
Rear Tire Primo Comet 559 X 37mm .61 lb (275 g) estimated $20 100 psi road tire
Cassette Shimano Ultegra 12 X 26 .48 lb (220g) $90 52/42/32 chainrings; 170mm
Crankset Campagolo Veloce triple 1.62 lb (735g) $90 52/42/32 chainrings; 170mm
Bottom Bracket Campagnolo Athena .62 lb (280g) $40 R12C5
Chain Campagnolo Daytona .50 lb (225g) X 2.5 $25 X 3 9-speed; silver/black
Pedals Speedplay X3 .463 lb (210g) $110 35 degress of float; easy entry
Shifters Shimano Dura Ace bar-end .253 lb (115g) $60 9-speed
Front Derailleur Campagnolo Veloce triple .25 lb (114g) $25 Beautiful!
Rear Derailleur Shimano Deore .590 lb (268g) $45 9-speed
Brake Levers Kooka .20 lb (90g) $90 Silver anodized; ATB levers much lighter than road levers
Front Brakes Odyssey A-brakes .42 lb (190g) estimated Included with frame Black Anodized; allows non-driveside cable routing
Rear Brakes Odyssey A-brakes .42 lb (190g) estimated Included with frame Black Anodized; allows non-driveside cable routing
Hydration System Performance Monsoon Peak ? $40 Holds 70 oz. of fluids
Cyclometer Avocet 45TT .10 lb (45g) $55 red; cadence
Water Bottle Cages Performance Tufflite SS .12 lb (55g) X 2 $12 X 2 Hollow stainless steel doesn’t mark up bottles like Al alloy
TOTAL Complete recumbent w/o fluids 26 lb (12 kg) $2319 Weight determined by weighing assembled unit, notby adding up weights above


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