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Reynolds Recumbent Specs

These are the final specifications for my Reynolds Wishbone recumbent. I built it virtually from scratch from hand-picked components in late 1999 to early 2000. The frame is #35 built.

Item Component Weight Cost Comments
Frame Reynolds’ Wishbone 6.6 lb (3000 g) $1150 bare + $250 custom paint chromoly square tubing; nickel plating/powder coating optional; Porsche Guards Redby local body shop
Fork Reynolds’ Custom 20″ 1.2 lb (540g) Included with frame straight fork
Seat/Steerer Assembly Reynolds proprietary 5.6 lb (2500g) Comes with frame Removed astroturf and painted black; will add black synthetic sheepskin covers
Headset Campagnolo Athena .24 lb (110g) $25 Pretty
Front Rim Velocity Aeroheat AT 20″ (406mm) .670 lb (304g) $45 Black anodized
Rear Rim Velocity Aeroheat AT 26″ (559mm) .974 lb (442g) $45 Black anodized
Front Hub Campagnolo Athena 36-hole .48 lb (220g) $25 Absolutely beautiful!
Rear Hub Shimano Deore XT 1.00 lb (455g) $45 Gray painted finish; not pretty but quieter than Campy’s hubs
Spokes DT Competition 14/16-gauge 1.0 lb (450g) estimated $40 Double butted
Front Tire Primo Comet 20″ X 1-3/8 .61 lb (275g) $20 100 psi road tire
Rear Tire Primo Comet 559 X 37mm .61 lb (275 g) estimated $20 100 psi road tire
Cassette Shimano Ultegra 12 X 26 .48 lb (220g) $90 52/42/32 chainrings; 170mm
Crankset Campagolo Veloce triple 1.62 lb (735g) $90 52/42/32 chainrings; 170mm
Bottom Bracket Campagnolo Athena .62 lb (280g) $40 R12C5
Chain Campagnolo Daytona .50 lb (225g) X 2.5 $25 X 3 9-speed; silver/black
Pedals Speedplay X3 .463 lb (210g) $110 35 degress of float; easy entry
Shifters Shimano Dura Ace bar-end .253 lb (115g) $60 9-speed
Front Derailleur Campagnolo Veloce triple .25 lb (114g) $25 Beautiful!
Rear Derailleur Shimano Deore .590 lb (268g) $45 9-speed
Brake Levers Kooka .20 lb (90g) $90 Silver anodized; ATB levers much lighter than road levers
Front Brakes Odyssey A-brakes .42 lb (190g) estimated Included with frame Black Anodized; allows non-driveside cable routing
Rear Brakes Odyssey A-brakes .42 lb (190g) estimated Included with frame Black Anodized; allows non-driveside cable routing
Hydration System Performance Monsoon Peak ? $40 Holds 70 oz. of fluids
Cyclometer Avocet 45TT .10 lb (45g) $55 red; cadence
Water Bottle Cages Performance Tufflite SS .12 lb (55g) X 2 $12 X 2 Hollow stainless steel doesn’t mark up bottles like Al alloy
TOTAL Complete recumbent w/o fluids 26 lb (12 kg) $2319 Weight determined by weighing assembled unit, notby adding up weights above
Felix Wong's red Reynolds Wishbone Recumbent
Felix Wong's red Reynolds Wishbone Recumbent in the 2000 Solvang Double Century. This photo was taken during the first of many times Felix Wong got lost.