Plan B

So a couple of weeks ago I reported that I had chose Bend, Oregon as the next place to live. As it turns out, real estate costs turned out to be a bit more than I was willing to pay for the type of home I envisioned. Thus, Plan B: Fort Collins, CO!

I have actually been in Fort Collins for a week now and totally love it here. The people, fall colors, environment, and sheer number of things to do have all been outstanding. So far there have only been wonderful surprises. This truly feels like home and I have already rented a temporary apartment and begun looking for a permanent abode. The weather has been great all week and has been very conducive to both running and cycling.

Fort Collins should have been Plan A in the first place. Click here for a list of its advantages vs. Bend. Will be posting new photos and impressions later in this week after I receive a new AC adapter for my iBook as my old one is toast.

Homes along beautiful Richard lake with the Front Range in the background and fall colors in the foreground.

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  • Konrad says:

    What up cuz!

    Nice to see you finally found a place ( selfishly I wish it were Athens or the Portland-area you poop!) Talk to you soon…


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