Buckingham Palace.


I have to admit to being an Anglo-phile having owned British sports cars for most of the years I’ve had a driver’s license. My first time in the country was when Carolyn went there for a study-abroad program around the time that the movie Notting Hill came out. That was over a decade ago, and I think I am overdue for another visit of the Mother Country.

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Two Days in London

A visa run. That was the main instigator for this short mid-week vacation since I had...

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London, England

For someone who once considered himself an Anglophile---the first two cars I ever owned, after all,...

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English Driving Tour

In August of 2000 I rented a little Vauxhall Corsa and did a driving tour of...

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London, England

Carolyn went off to study for a semester at the University of London, so I flew...