Featured photo for Haynes Motor Museum, UK

Haynes Motor Museum, UK

As I was driving back to London and was in the proximity of Stonehenge, I saw a sign that said “Haynes Motor Museum”. Intrigued, I stopped on by. It turned out this was a museum of the namesake of all of my workshop manuals, and had an entire room of British Sports Cars! This was definitely one of the best museums I have ever been to and emphatically recommend it to any British sports car lover.

RHD AC Cobra.
Alfa Romeo Spider.  Viva Alfisti!
The first workshop manual John Haynes wrote.
A red 2000 MG F inside the Haynes Motor Museum in England.
Interior of an MGF.
MG race car poster.
Early MG Midget and TA.
The Morris Garages - what 'MG' stands for.
Outside the Haynes Motor Museum.
The Red Room.
Another shot of the Red Room.