Featured photo for Haynes Motor Museum, UK

Haynes Motor Museum, UK

As I was driving back to London and was in the proximity of Stonehenge, I saw a sign that said “Haynes Motor Museum”. Intrigued, I stopped on by. It turned out this was a museum of the namesake of all of my workshop manuals, and had an entire room of British Sports Cars! This was definitely one of the best museums I have ever been to and emphatically recommend it to any British sports car lover.

RHD AC Cobra.
Alfa Romeo Spider.  Viva Alfisti!
The first workshop manual John Haynes wrote.
Interior of an MGF.
MG race car poster.
Early MG Midget and TA.
The Morris Garages - what 'MG' stands for.
Outside the Haynes Motor Museum.
The Red Room.
Another shot of the Red Room.