Paris-Brest-Paris Presentation

One of my all-time greatest adventures—and also a dream come true—was riding in the 2003 edition of Paris-Brest-Paris, the oldest bicycle race in the world still in existence today. It is a shame, then, that despite an obsessive-compulsive habit of documenting almost anything I want to remember for the rest of my life, I never wrote a full race report for it.

Fortunately, though, I did create a Powerpoint slideshow for it since I was asked to talk about it at the 2004 Annual Dinner for the MG Owners Club. And in organizing some computer files, I managed to find an audio recording of a rehearsal for the slideshow.

So I spliced the Powerpoint slides and original recording together to make the following videos. There are two parts: one for Paris-Brest-Paris itself, and another for cars seen in France. (The audience were vintage British sports car enthusiasts, after all.)

The audio is not very polished—it was from a first practice run—but if you can forgive that, enjoy. Memories!

Part 1: Paris-Brest-Paris

YouTube video (16:39)

Part 2: Cars in France

YouTube video (5:00)

[KM 607, 38:16 elapsed, 12:16 p.m.] Made it to the coast; almost to Brest!  This is a nice bridge, but I'd be less impressed with Brest itself, which has typical big city problems (but is not nearly as beautiful as Paris).

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