Nick awarding ribbons at the Spring Park 6k.

Spring Park 6k

After last month’s Warren Park 5k, I resolved that I “should probably run more than 10 miles between now and the next Tortoise and Hare race.” I ended up doing so, but barely.

Considering the outcome of today’s race, it was not enough.

The weather forecast started out optimistically. When I left the house the temperature was 32 degrees, or 31 degrees more than the December 2006 T&H race. I was even going to run in a singlet and shorts. However, after talking with other runners at the start, I was late to warm up and remove my warmup gear, and only managed to get my pants off before starting five seconds late. Probably wouldn’t make a good male stripper.

I started out conservatively (6:40/mile pace) but never got comfortable. And after 2.75 miles, my body was pretty much spent. I was really wishing this was just a five kilometer race, not six. But there was a mile to go and I just faltered like a sputtering Trabant.

When I crossed the finish line, the Garmin said 25:55 (6:57/mile pace). It is a whole minute longer than my next slowest Spring Park 6k, but what could I do? I just wasn’t feeling physically in shape and mentally was not there.

The next T&H race is eight kilometers (five miles). The good thing about dismal performances is that they are good for motivation to put in the training miles for next time.

Race Data

Final time: 25:55 (6:57/mile)
Garmin Data

Nick awarding ribbons at the Spring Park 6k.
Nick awarding ribbons at the Spring Park 6k.