Featured photo for Mike’s Birthday Ride

Mike’s Birthday Ride

To celebrate my friend Mike’s birthday, Acorn, Bruce, Gina, Lisa, Loren, Mike, Suzie, Tyler and I did a hilly “Over-The-Top” B-day ride (even though Mike wasn’t quite 30 yet) from Menlo Park to Pescadero. Mike had just gotten the cycling bug this year, and it was great to see his close friends share in this enthusiasm with him, if only for a day.

To celebrate my friend Mike's 29th birthday, we did a pleasant, yet hilly, ride from Menlo Park to Pescadero.  Here we are on Sand Hill Rd in Palo Alto.
Regrouping before the major climb of the day: Old La Honda Rd.  Here's Lisa, Bruce, Loren, Acorn, Mike, and Suzie.  Gina and Tyler would soon join us on the climb.
Old La Honda Rd. is 3 miles long and averages a 6-7% grade.  Here's Loren out of the saddle for a quick burst of speed going up.  He did admirably.
We all made it to the top!
Regrouping before another climb: Pescadero Rd.
Oh no.  One mile from our destination, Memorial Park, Loren gets a flat.  Here we are trying to repair the torn rim tape with... bandages!
Now in memorial Park, here is Mike getting out of a tree. (!)
Woah!  Lisa is quite stuck!  Aaron tries to help her out.
Acorn wondering how the heck is he going to fit through this tiny hole?