The Relay

Posted pics from the 199-mile Providian Relay, a running relay from Calistoga to Santa Cruz with the Tri-City Tri Club.

1:08pm: Van #2 getting all packed at Tom's house in Castro Valley.  Meanwhile, in Calistoga, Herb from Van #1 had just started running the 199-mile race for us 8 minutes ago!3:39pm: "What the heck is this?"  While Van #2 members had a spaghetti feast in Napa, the van got tatted by the Texas group!3:52pm: Tagged again... this time by the Virgins & Vixens!5:05pm: Van #1 pulled in.  But instead of having stuff like "VIRGINIZED" on it, it was nicely adorned with the name of our group, "Tri-City Tri Club".5:13pm, Mile 31: Ironman Steve comes blazing in after his 4.5-mile leg!6:01pm, Mile 37: Al coming in after his 6.9-mile leg.  It starts getting dark.6:36pm, Mile 42: Manuel midway through his 7.4-mile leg with Everitt looking on.  Note that he is going so fast, the rest of the picture is a blur.7:27pm, Mile 47: Ron passing our van partway through his 5.6-mile leg.  Now it is totally dark.3:39am: Mile 105: Our whole group (minus Al who was on the course after taking a handoff from Steve) at the Van Exchange point in SF near the GG bridge.5:17am: Mile 118: Ok, bad picture--it was a wet, foggy and cold morning in Pacifica.  But I include this picture here because it shows Janette, our great organizer, and Randy, Van #2's awesome driver.12:02pm, Mile 164: Waiting at the next Van Exchange point (Saratoga Gap) for Steve to come in after his very hard 3.1-mile leg.12:39pm, Mile 171: Al completes the handoff to Manuel after his 6.2-mile leg, which he ran at an incredible sub-6-minute-mile pace!4:35pm, Mile 199: After 27:31:52 hours, we made it to Santa Cruz.  Front row: Tom, Sharon, Bic, Todd, Manuel, and Luann.  Back row: Felix, Everitt, Steve, Herb, Ron, and Al.  We finished 89th out of 276 and had a great time!

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