Cranberry Crank Climbing Felix Wong

Here are some photos from the Cranberry Crank climbing competition at Planet Granite in Belmont, California, from November 2003.

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At the Cranberry Crank at Planet Granite in Belmont, we got to see Corinne again who was so awesome at last week's City Beach Bouldering Comp.  Here she is gracefully climbing up a 50-foot wall. Josh was here too, the same Josh who kicked my butt in last week's comp. Michele dropped by and we got to talk about everything from ice climbing to paragliding.  Here she is with Sharon. While we were talking, along came a cute kid with no one less than... Elmo!  "Thank goodness this kid outgrew her stroller, so I get to sit in it now" thought Elmo. Here's a nice pic of Corinne and Stacey together in the bouldering area.  Unfortunately Sharon and I could not stay for the "Dyno for Dollars" event that was to follow, but I hope it went well!

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