Featured photo for City Beach Bouldering: Earth

City Beach Bouldering: Earth

Here are some photos from a bouldering competition at City Beach Fremont from January 2004. The bouldering comp was dubbed Earth, the first one of an earth-wind-water-fire series.

40 or so hardy climbers came to compete in City Beach Fremont's bouldering competition, the first of their "Earth-Wind-Water-Fire" series.
Here is Josh, the 9-yo national champion, attempting a problem with his dad Rich spotting.  Josh came in 2nd in my category, kicking my butt in the process.
Stacey came in about three hours late but still managed to get in five boulder problems.  Here she is with Phil behind her.
After the comp was a pizza party and a raffle... Sarah got one of the raffle prizes.  Me too--I actually won a "hot girl" T-shirt, but fortunately they swapped it for a beanie hat instead!
It was great to run into Fatima and her friend Janine by chance at the gym!
Here's Jennel on the wall, rock climbing for the very first time in her life.  I think it was Fatima's first time since I last took her 3 years ago!