City Beach Bouldering: Fire Felix Wong

Here are some photos from a bouldering competition at City Beach Fremont from February 2004. The bouldering comp was dubbed Fire, one of an earth-wind-water-fire series.

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Last of City Beach's "Brave the Elements" bouldering series.  Here we are (Ashley, Frances, Eric, Felix, and many others) watching others at the start of the comp. Photo: Ashley showing how it's done on a good boulder problem. Heidi relaxing while being well on her way to winning the women's Intermediate division. Corinne was unstoppable as usual and easily won the women's Open division. Photo: I really was not feeling it today, and dropped from third to fourth in the series for the men's Intermediate division, but was happy. Photo: It was also good to see Eric there, who did well too. You can see Ashley here with one of her long-time best friends, Frances, who not only helped keep score but did some neat gymnastic tricks for us afterwards. Photo: Ashley giving the dyno problem (which Heidi amazingly did statically) a go.  She came in 2nd in the women's Advanced division! While waiting for pizza to arrive from the kitchen, some guys "challenged" others to do some pretty funny physical feats, like squatting down on one leg... and (as shown here) doing upside-down pushups. Here's a dude doing a one-handed pushup.  It was all good fun!

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