Featured photo for Berkeley, CA

Berkeley, CA

Hiking in Berkeley with Carlos, Kristina, and Sarah.

On this sunny Leap Day, I BARTed over to Berkeley to meet up with my good friends Kristina, Carlos, and Sarah (background) for a short-but-nice hike in the Claremont hills.
Here we go up a pretty steep trail after walking through some nice neighborhoods.
With the rains of the last week it was clear enough to see the Bay Bridge and San Francisco.
At the top was a really nice residence with one of the finest views in the East bay.
Sarah checking out the flowers with Kristina and Carlos looking on...
Going back down we were greeted by more spectacular views of the City.
Sarah and a doggie
Carlos "weighing" each of the girls.  He determined that they are both very light.  It was a beautiful morning for a hike.