Quarry Lakes Triathlon Felix Wong

Here are photos from the Quarry Lakes Triathlon in Fremont, California. Sharon raced in it while I cheered as a spectator.

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While I was at the Mulholland Double, my friends from the Tri-City Tri Club did the Quarry Lakes Triathlon.  These are some photos from their race, courtesy of Peter. Everitt and Samantha, who is over a year old now. Photo: Peter. Sharon in the transition area, after being the first one out of the water from the swim.  Everyone was giving her a hard time for taking the time to rinse off the sand from her feet while she was in the lead!  Photo: Peter. Now on her feet, she's ready to board her Griffin. Photo: Peter. Gary either coming in or going out on the bike. Photo: Peter. Sharon before the run, checking her time. Photo: Peter. Gary coming in on the run.  He came in 2nd in the Clydesdale division. Photo: Peter. Sharon coming in on the run.  She came in 2nd in her age group and 4th woman overall. Photo: Peter. Sharon, Samantha, Everitt, Gary, and Janette after the race.  Looked like they had a good time in Fremont's only tri. Photo: Peter.

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