Yellowstone, WY Felix Wong

Hooray for the trees! After spending the last few days in barren southern Idaho—which is virtually all desert—I was happy to see my tree friends again. Lodgepole Pine is present everywhere in the world’s first national park (1872). In addition, here is the world’s largest concentration of geysers (the most famous being Old Faithful) along with many falls, lakes, and wild animals. I encountered a lot of buffalo, including several who were roaming around on the roads (please drive carefully here).

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Gibbons Falls in Yellowstone Park.  (If you are wondering why my head is cut off in this photo, it is because I did not aim the camera very well!) Felix Wong and some buffalo. Old Faithful remained faithful today. De Lacy Lakes. Lewis Falls. This was a fun drive with the Alfa, with narrow sweeping roads with lots of lodgepole pine for scenery.

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