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I’m already 99% packed and ready to go for the Tour Divide mountain bike race, having managed to do some last-minute testing before heading out to Florida for a wedding. Here are some photos and my gear list (not entirely complete—there are additional things I packed that aren’t on the list like some minor tools and toiletries).

There are also a few things I may actually omit (like a water filter) before I jump on a Greyhound bus to Banff next week, but otherwise, I think I am set!

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Camping in my backyard to test out the Big Agnes Seedhouse 1-person tent.  It's reasonably lightweight (3.5 lbs.), free-standing, and surprisingly roomy inside.  Reminded me a lot of my Sierra Designs Clip Flashlight CD. The REI sub-kilo is rated at 20 degrees and hence was pretty toasty during the 49-degree Colorado night. It weighs 1.8 lbs. and scrunches down to the size of a football. Cranky all loaded up for the Tour Divide, weighing 40.2 lbs. with two full water bottles and 37.6 without.  I will also have about 10 lbs. on my back (including 4.4 lbs. of water). Handlebar gear: Cateye 5-LED light, bear bell, ultralight 1-LED light, Delta wireless cyclometer.  Not shown is a mapholder I made out of an Office Depot report cover.

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5 comments on “Tour Divide Gear List

    • Comment by Felix

      Discounting the SPOT GPS tracker which uploaded my location to the Internet, I only had the Adventure Cycling Association maps and my cyclometer to rely on for navigation. I did not have GPS for turn-by-turn directions.

      I did bring a Garmin hand-held car GPS device that I turned on in the moments I was seriously lost. It was not too helpful but it was another resource I had at my disposal in case of emergency.

  1. Comment by Ken

    Hope you are well. Would you mind sharing how you made the map holder out of a Office Depot report cover? Just need some guidance, not meant to make it complicated. 🙂

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