Featured photo for Fort Lauderdale, FL

Fort Lauderdale, FL

When Dan asked me to be a groomsman at his wedding in Miami, Florida, I was excited for a number of reasons: 1) my buddy Dan was getting married to a wonderful woman, Susan; 2) I’d get to see Dan and Susan for the first time in over a year; and 3) for the first time in my life, I’d be visiting the Sunshine State. So in June 2008, I pushed aside my preconceptions about what I heard about Florida (e.g., hurricanes, humidity, flat land, old people, bad drivers) and hopped on a jet to Fort Lauderdale.

Why Fort Lauderdale, you might ask, if the wedding was in Miami? Well, first of all, I had a free round-trip Southwest ticket from flying on that airline so many times, and the closest airport to Miami it flies to is Fort Lauderdale, about 26 miles north. Second, I had heard many good things about Fort Lauderdale. Indeed, I think Dan spent many summers there because his Nanna lives there.

It turns out what I heard about Fort Lauderdale was correct: it is nice! Downtown has canals that boats cruise by on in a picturesque way, and the area by Fort Lauderdale Beach is delightfully clean, colorful, and uncrowded. Unfortunately when I got to the beach it started pouring, but shortly after I left, it was sunny again. (Figures.)

Also unfortunately, I didn’t get to spend more than half a day here, so that’s about all the superficial impressions I can pass along. The next few days I’d spend in Miami, which was a real surprise.

And there are canals.
I drove to the beach in my not-bad Dodge Caliber rental car.
Fort Lauderdale beach.
There were lots of restaurants and shops selling bathing suits across from the beach.
This area was so clean and colorful.
Palm trees and umbrellas among the sand.
But as my luck would have it, the moment I stepped onto sand, it started pouring!
Downtown Fort Lauderdale has something of a skyline.