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Tour Divide Gear List

I’m already 99% packed and ready to go for the Tour Divide mountain bike race, having managed to do some last-minute testing before heading out to Florida for a wedding. Here are some photos and my gear list (not entirely complete—there are additional things I packed that aren’t on the list like some minor tools and toiletries).

There are also a few things I may actually omit (like a water filter) before I jump on a Greyhound bus to Banff next week, but otherwise, I think I am set!

Gear List

Item Make/Brand Weight (lbs.) Notes
tent Big Agnes Seedhouse 1 3.41  
spare clothing   2.43 rain jacket, rain pants, long-sleeve running shirt, arm warmers, 1 spare pair of socks, 2 pairs liner gloves
sleeping bag REI Sub Kilo 1.81  
maps ACA 0.73  
cell phone + charger Sanyo 0.36  
camera Panasonic Lumix 0.35  
GPS Garmin Nuvo 0.32 for emergencies only — only 2.5 hours battery time
CO2 Superflate 0.25  
sunscreen Life Brand 0.22  
dry bag Outdoor Research Helium 0.18 1710 cubic inches
tire irons nickel-plated steel 0.13  
rack Performance Transit 0.12  
chain lube Pro-link 0.09  
pedal wrench Spin Doctor 0.09  
chain tool Ritchey Multitool 0.09  
first aid PFI bandages, wet prof abd pad, Immodium tablets, tape 0.09  
bear bell from REI 0.08  
hex keys Craftsman foldable 0.08  
chlorine dioxide tablets Potable Aqua 0.06 brought quantity 10
pocket knife Shadetree motors 0.04  
spoke tool Park Tools 0.03  
spare cable   0.02  
patch kit generic 0.02  
shaving cream/razor Colgate / Gilette    
toothbrush/travel toothpaste Colgate    
headlamp Cateye 5-LED    
pump Performance Hurricane    
tubes     quantity 4
toilet paper      
Totals   11.01
The REI sub-kilo is rated at 20 degrees and hence was pretty toasty during the 49-degree Colorado night.
It weighs 1.8 lbs. and scrunches down to the size of a football.
Cranky all loaded up for the Tour Divide, weighing 40.2 lbs. with two full water bottles and 37.6 without.  I will also have about 10 lbs. on my back (including 4.4 lbs. of water).
Handlebar gear: Cateye 5-LED light, bear bell, ultralight 1-LED light, Delta wireless cyclometer.  Not shown is a mapholder I made out of an Office Depot report cover.
Camping in my backyard to test out the Big Agnes Seedhouse 1-person tent.  It's reasonably lightweight (3.5 lbs.), free-standing, and surprisingly roomy inside.  Reminded me a lot of my Sierra Designs Clip Flashlight CD.