Primavera Century Felix Wong

Looking forward to seeing a close friend and her Merkur, I had extra motivation to go fast on this “short” 100-miler. Both up and down beautiful Calaveras Road (see pics above), I was flying on this day with near-perfect weather. Out of the house by 6:30a and back before 1:00p… not bad!

Ride Summary

  • 94 mi
  • 16.0 mph, moving average.
  • 6.3 hours overall; 6:30-12:50
  • max speed: 43.5 mph


(1=ho hum; 5=best)

  • Scenery: 4
  • Support/Organization: 4
  • Food: 4
  • Relative difficulty: 3+ Some signficant climbs.
  • Overall Rating: 4

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Calaveras Road geatured many rollers and hairpin turns. The Calaveras Reservoir down below. Cows along the course. Following a strong rider who was on an old ten-speed and blasting through the winding backroads by the Calaveras Reservoir.

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